Cancellation & Refund Terms

If your cancellation request reaches us on the date you make the reservation, the entire amount you have paid will be refunded to your credit card.
If you request cancellation on a date after the booking date, ;

• If there is less than 24 hours left from the vehicle delivery date you specified during the booking, or if the vehicle is not received with the necessary document signatures on the relevant date without requesting cancellation, the remaining amount will be refunded by deducting the rental fee of 1 day, but if the total rental period is 1 day, no refund will be made. 

• If there is more than 24 hours to your vehicle rental delivery date, no deduction will be made.

* Price differences may occur when you request changes to your reservation. For such cases, you need to contact the reservation center +90 5330338237. 

* Since there is no cancellation of additional insurance products purchased together with the reservation, no October refund is made.
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