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Mert Oto Rent, which was founded in 1996 in Kasımpaşa, Istanbul, has been providing car hire services successfully on eight different roads in Turkey since that day.

Mert Oto Leasing, which carries out its services with a creative staff, aims to offer the best service of its sector by taking the rights of its customers and taking the principle of dynamism.

Continuing to serve in the tourism sector with its high-quality information processing support and a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, Mert Oto Kiralama is constantly innovating in developing Turkish Tourism.


"SALES DEPARTMENT" in Central Istanbul is prepared by Mert Oto Kiralama's professional sales team keeping the customer satisfaction and service quality at the forefront of the pricing of all the vehicles from 1 day lease to 1 year lease.


All of Mert Oto renting offices are ready to serve for all kinds of car reservation. Mert Oto Renting is a problem with the modern data processing network to make rental car reservation from Turkey or anywhere in the world. For reservations, you are welcome to contact our sales department at our headquarters.

Mert Rent a Car offices provide customer satisfaction and service continuity by fulfilling reservations without charge.

Fleet Division

Mert Oto Rent, which offers Filo Service on rented car, carries out all the technical checks and periodical maintenance of leased vehicle before rental and lease according to the information files kept for each vehicle in the Fleet Division. The rented vehicle does not cause a problem to the rented person, The vehicle rented by someone else is not obliged to deal with any technical problems.

In addition, the fleet fulfills legal proceedings such as our departure, examination of the leased vehicle and license plate tax on behalf of the leaseholder.

Fleet Rental

Mert Oto Kiralama believes that renting a car fleet is more economical than buying a car fleet, providing services in many sectors in terms of fleet leasing. Mert Oto Kiralama, which provides a wide range of services from banking to communication to airlines, increases the profitability rate through fleet leasing.

Mert Oto Rent is an establishment specialized in the selection and delivery of the necessary vehicle in the fleet planning.

Mert Rent a car from the rental of all kinds of vehicles maintenance-repair and spare parts problem Mert Oto Rent is the most economical way to solve.
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