Rental Agreement


Vehicles B, C, D, E can be rented to 21 year olds who have a valid driver's license for at least 1 year. Having a 3-year driver's license for F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O groups and being 24 years old; For groups P, R, S, X the driver has a 5-year driver's license and is 28 years old.


The minimum rental period is 24 hours. The delivery time of the vehicle is based on the rental time of the vehicle. (For example, if the vehicle is picked up at 12:00 pm, it should be 12:00 noon at the delivery time of the vehicle). With a delay of more than 2 hours, a delay of 1 day is charged on the daily rental rate.


The minimum rental period is 6 months. Discounted tariffs are applied as the rental price. For long-term rentals, you can get the necessary information from our head office at +90 212 465 37 90 / +90 212 465 37 91 and +90 212 275 09 09 yada +90 533 0338237 and +90 4623320202.


All our vehicles have full Rent a Car insurance. However, in order for the insurance to be valid; Traffic accidents and alcohol reports should be handled immediately and delivered to our nearest office within 48 hours, the vehicle should not be used under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or outside the legal speed limits. Otherwise, the owner of the vehicle is responsible for all damage. Prices include unlimited mileage of vehicles, lubrication and technical maintenance costs. In the case of 8 defects in 8, the repair time of the vehicle is collected from the customer. Theft Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Single-Way Charge, Baby seat fee, Port-Baggage and 18% Value Added Tax are calculated separately. When the vehicles are delivered to the customer, the amount of gasoline in the tank is marked on the contract. Vehicles with missing depot gasoline will be charged with the service charge.


Payments can be made in advance or by credit cards accepted by Mert Oto Kiralama. 18% VAT is added to payments made by credit card. The rented vehicle is collected during the delivery. Mert Oto Kiralama reserves the right to request a deposit of 1.000 Euro according to the model and the genre of the vehicle in addition to the rental fee. The deposit taken by withdrawing from the credit card is returned to the customer at vehicle delivery.


1. THE INSURANCE INSURANCE: If the leased vehicle is stolen, the tenant; If the vehicle is found within 30 days, it is obliged to pay the rental price up to the tarihe of the vehicle and if the vehicle is not available within 30 days, the vehicle price is obliged to pay. However, if the renting agrees to pay the daily theft insurance premiums stated in the customer price list, The client is obliged to pay the fee up to the day in which the vehicle is within 30 days. 2. TIRES / GLASS / FAR / SIGNAL / MIRROR: The tire splitting, headlight, signal, mirror break and stephene stolen can not be covered by automobile insurance. However, if the rental agrees to pay the daily premiums of tire, glass, headlight, signal, mirror specified in the customer price list at the beginning, the responsibility of damage will be removed. 3. FERTILITY INSURANCE INSURANCE: The customer has all the rights that the insurer has granted if he / she agrees to pay the daily Personal Accident Insurance premiums indicated on the price list at the beginning of the rental. For more information, please contact our offices.


If the rented vehicle is left in another city where MERT AUTO RENTAL offices are located; The price is calculated according to the distance of the desired item. TRAFFIC CRIMES All liabilities and punishments to be born in case of failure to comply with the traffic rules belong to the charterer. The time in which the vehicles are held by the official and local authorities for whatever reason is accepted within the term of the contract. OUR OTHER SERVICES In order to benefit from the services shown below, an additional fee is charged. Port - Luggage can be provided for 10 euros per day if you are informed 24 hours before your rent. Baby Seats can be provided for 5 Euros per day if requested at the time of booking. Departing abroad MERT AUTO RENTAL vehicles are bound to leave the country on leave.

Booking and personal information made on our website are not shared with third parties. Payments made by credit card are scrambled and provisioned with a credit card information encrypted with SSL certificate. The credit card information is not recorded on our website at all.

Cancellation of reservation up to 48 hours (2 days) before rental period is not charged. A cancellation fee of 2 days is charged for less than 48 hours before the start of the rental period. In case of small number of reservations during 2 days, the fee will not be refunded. In the event of non-delivery due to incomplete documentation or in the event that the credit card is not provided at the time of delivery of the vehicle, a cancellation procedure of less than 48 hours will be applied.

On deposit paid reservations: In case of cancellation up to 48 hours before the end of the rental period; A deposit fee will be charged. For cancellations, less than 48 hours before the start of the rental period, the higher of the three-day car rental fee or the paid deposit will be charged. In the case of small number of bookings during 3 days, there is no refund. In the event of non-delivery due to missing documents, or if the credit card is not presented at the time of delivery of the vehicle, a cancellation procedure of less than 48 hours will be applied.

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